Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

I bathe in the breathe of the Presence
beyond asking knowing
beyond knowing being
beyond the being this Presence
of Spirit drifting on the wings of our reality

and we sense the meaning
translated somehow in images
of words that are seeing
the spiral stream of another lifetimes dreams

for the presence remembers
what the mind forgets
and it brings hints in the silence
what ever it takes to for us to get

to be the quotations that translate
the answers in our mantras questions
that break down time and space
so spirits prayer can communicate
the echoes that the future dictates
from another distant cosmic place
when we reach beyond the dreams we chase

and God has such compassion for what it takes
to survive and get by here in the human race
in these strange dreams he somehow created
of becoming what our future reality initiated

and still you see this past and future
meet in the secret embrace of now
reflected here in this Creation
and in that mystic presence I just bow
and say Ok thy will be done

Mystical Perspective Easter affirmations and meditatiion

Mystical Perspective Easter affirmations and meditatiion

Happy Easter!

Resurrection meditation

 Relax and get comfortable

Breathe in deeply. Let all thoughts go, let all distractions go.

Go into a state of meditation

Join with other souls of those here with a focus on bring the highest light in.

From the point of light in the mind of God.

Let that light enlighten you with pure unconditional love.

Bring that light into your being.

Let it surround an extend outward in a protective circle of light.

Let it be a transforming light body, renewing your mind and body.

The light ignites a fire in your heart.

It enlightens you to be lifted to the one light of all life. The Christ Light now merges with your soul and God. this brings the love of all creation is present there an infinite light and love lift you beyond the physical into the highest dimensions.

And then you appear before the Throne of God where there is the source of Love and Light,


Receive the touch of CHRIST, Reach your hand out and He’ll be there,

Feel the angels’ wings as they surround your soul, Receive the grace of the blessings

In your life that come to you as love.


For the Presence of the Lord of Love Accepts all of who you are,

Just believe enough to be open to let all fear, go.


The light that leads us out of the world of darkness into the inner light of Christ

Let the light of the universe ignite That Holy Presence there inside.

let go and release all thoughts and feel the Presence of God alive in you.

Connect with the unlimited energy present in your consciousness. It is omnipotent

With a Spirit lives in everything. Be aware of the power of this Unlimited energy in you with every breath. You are the living light and breath of God’s spirit here on Earth. In the light of all creation we perceive that we are part of God’s great love

Breathe in the breath of spirit and feel the bliss of Christ’s kiss uniting us all as one

Experience this gift of life, this love is a love that is alive and at work in your life.

Absorb God’s power that gives you eternal life.

 Believe that Christ is alive through you

Let the love of God guide you and direct you. Breathe this in

Feel it, be present with it

 Now slowly come out of Meditation

And be aware of how you feel

Do you feel transformed, renewed and restored?

Thank God and let it be so

If I were to speak to you of God
I would have the voice love to communicate
And share light with these words
and They would be accompanied
by bands of angels to carry the sound of light
For their is a radiance written
by the light God Brings
That prys Open the heart to hear words of love

For in Truth their is no Sorrow or Darkness
In the Love of Gods true presence
There is only great beauty
and the fulfillment of the union of ultimate love with the joining of the source of all creation
your life here on Earth

Oh to hold the light of the one who knows
the the power and beauty in the heart of love
Only the heart that is at one with with God
Can live in the infinite light of Christ
for the heart and soul is born of such love
That It can understand and comprehend it

and when all thoughts have been released
To the mind of God
Then you begin to experience
an unfoldment of enlightened consciousness
that gives your soul purpose
so that understanding can come
and Open the door to allow you to make
that inner connection to God
and then You will find
The am that I am
And understand your hearts true purpose
so you can Live with the commitment to be
a messenger of Gods love and light

Her abundant grace

Her abundant grace

Mary my mothermay I fearlessly live my life

 with awareness of loving presence 

and sit face to face with your Holy grace
let me breathe the light of your abundance 

that allows me to accept myself 

as a reflection of your limitless space

with your pure strength and faith
I commit myself to follow your guidance 

and your deep devotion to God

and to follow your way of compassion 

and loving understanding the best I may 
for with your robe of mercy 

I am protected and find a way

to do what I need to do 

with loving kindness each day

Simple happiness 

Simple happiness 

there is a spark of magicthat can be ignited in our life

for an eternal fire burns

there deep within our hearts 
we can invite the Spirit’s presence

here into this moment of our very life

and even in the hard times 

we can pray for that magic light
there is a simple happiness 

that can be found deep within 

the smile of understanding 

that reflects God’s universal grin
a little bit of magic can begin 

with a gift of this kiss of spirit 

that invites me to open my heart welcome it 

and breathe that presence of love in 
I identify with that eternal presence 

I embrace the blessings of Gods love

and give thanks for the simple happiness 

that grace of awareness that comes for me to know