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Love God with all your heart

imagelove God with all your heart
breathe in the light of this one love
become the love of God
feel that presence in your soul

fly to the heavens
soar to the source
get a glimpse of the glory
and the power that’s the highest force

and bring that presence into your life to know
how to understand Gods love is alive
it is there within your heart
buried deep inside

all of Gods creation
is a part of this magnificent love
all a manifestation of the miracle
that has been created to reflect heaven above

one heart, one mind
one dream alive in everything
all a chance to realize
what being alive really means

blessed are the ones
who open up their minds
to see the bigger picture
at work in humankind

to love God with all your heart
you must love yourself too
and love all his creation
as God himself would do

thank God for this blessing
thank god for your life
and learn to live with his love
and let it guide your life


I offer my Prayers

I offer my Prayers

Mary  Holy Mother
I offer up my prayers
and hope you can bring more comfort
to those who are lost in despair

from the highest realms of the universe
you shine forth through space and time
let this spinning planet find
the love and kindness we so need for humankind

and the world keeps turning
and all the candles are lit
and the light of all the prayers
brings us hope for a new way to live

I ask for your grace and blessings
to come to all in need
Mary Holy Mother
grant this world compassion and peace

from the womb of Stars in heaven
across the galaxy
there is that power of the Master
and it leads us to inner peace

let the birth of Christ
help us to see he lives
within our heart He’s present
and he is born in us again

Mary holy mother
may I see your smile
allow me to have my heart open
to be your humble scribe

with your divine grace and mercy
I seek to reflect your presence and be
aligned in with Heavenly energy
so may I be worthy to offer my devotion to thee

let all the prayers find their way
to the mercy that lives and gives
us a way to celebrate the miracle of Gods creation
at work here in us each day
Blessings always

a Prayer for Strength

a Prayer for Strength

beloved Mary my teacher and guide
I ask for you to heal my life
help me to use these tools you give
to lead me to a better way to live in the

all those past things I did
help me release them and forgive
and trust in the loving Spirit
of the blessed holy dove

lead me to your holy light
to allow me work with the Master divine
on this mystic path I take
I ask to connect with you in my soul each day

so I may find a better way to live
and follow the path of the lords great light
to carry on each and every day
and in hard times let me find your strength

allow me to be a living example I pray
to use the tools you offer each day
and with your help I hope to be
able to serve the Lords and theeimageimage

How Would I Thank you God

How Would I Thank you God

how would I best say thank you God
for all you’ve given me
how would you have me serve you
and share the beauty that I see

perhaps to bring the love that’s offered
to others who are in need
and to love Your creation
as a place where the living spirit can be
alive in our souls with a higher light
to shine forth as beacon
so those who are lost can see

so let the songs of hope sing out
let those who seek faith believed
let the hatred be dissolved
and the greater good in man achieved

bring the higher realms of heaven
here unto this earth
let the power and glory of God
be limitless and alive in every birth

breathe in this possibility
into your heart and soul
become the way, become the path
and let Gods truth be told

let’s the Mother’s love guide you
honor the Father and the son
and believe that God is alive
and see that Gods goodness in man

Mystical Mother Mary now available

Mystical  Mother Mary now available

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book

Mystical Mother Mary is now out on Amazon!