Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

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in the Garden of heaven there is a silence
amidst the changing waves of light
I see the smile of love enlighten
this way to reach out and to find

each choice for loving understanding
carries a blessed frequency
each prayer and each salvation
is alive in the souls long memory

and when times seem to get heavy
there is a place you can go and find
the sacred blessings of the Garden
where the smile of love resides

and there’s a special light that radiates
there is an inner sacred glow
that comes when God is Present
even in the dark night of the soul

don’t let the pressure stop you
from the grace that truly comes
the Angels of the presence are standing by
in the infinite space that heaven surrounds

and Mary and the Master
are always there to call upon
even in the hard times
their blessings can be found

go into the silence
and find that place within
where you can commune with God
and find the strength to begin again


A Prayer

A Prayer

Mary Holy Mother
I offer up my prayers
and hope you can bring more comfort
to those who are lost in despair

from the highest realms of the universe
you shine forth through space and time
let this spinning planet find
the love and kindness we so need for humankind

and the world keeps turning
and all the candles are lit
and the light of all the prayers
brings us hope for a new way to live

I ask for your grace and blessings
to come to all in need
Mary Holy Mother
grant this world compassion and peace

from the womb of Stars in heaven
across the galaxy
there is that power of the Master
and it leads us to inner peace

let the birth of Christ
help us to see he lives
within our heart He’s present
and he is born in us again

Mary holy mother
may I see your smile
allow me to have my heart open
to be your humble scribe

with your divine grace and mercy
I seek to reflect your presence and be
aligned in with Heavenly energy
so may I be worthy to offer my devotion to thee

let all the prayers find their way
to the mercy that lives and gives
us a way to celebrate the miracle of Gods creation
at work here in us each day

In Your Hands

In Your Hands

in your hands Lord
I place my worries
in your hands I place my life
as a disciple who’s not worthy
as a student on the path of light

let me lay down all my burdens
and lay aside my inner debates
for I seek your souls asylum
I reach for your heart as my resting place

for you are the one
who will guide me
you are my saving grace
you are the teacher who provides me
with the power of loves true embrace

sacred teacher let me be worthy
of the blessings you provide
you are the way, the truth and the light
that is there in life to guide

so I take the staff you offer
so I find the power you provide
to continue ever onwards
and to be renewed, restored and revived

thank Holy father, and Mother
and i offer gratitude to you each day
lead protect and guide me
with Christ’ss light to guide meevery day

loving Kindness

loving Kindness

Mother Mary I do pray
to find the strength
to be a little more aware
and live with more kindness each day

lift me up
to your sacred space
that shows me how to have humility
and serve with love’s amazing grace

may I learn to open up my heart
with the innocence of a child
so I may release my ego
and let Gods will through me impart

the power to truly understand
and use the tool of compassion
for all those suffering across this land
and who need help to find the higher plan

may you find a way to use
whatever I have to offer you
so you can reflect through me
whatever Is needed to for me to do

I thank you for the gifts you give
the opportunity to learn
of how to better be
alive with your live inside of meimage

and I heard Her whispering
with a smile she said,
love God with all your heart and soul
do that by loving others
and all that he created for you to know

for God is present here and now
in the world and in every living thing
in the sky you look at
and all that life brings

God is alive within your heart
your very being is blessed
with this presence that holds spirit
the gift that blesses our every breath
for we are never separate or really apart

God is the love you seek to find
The very essence of true peace of mind
God is the vision that you see
the symphony of sounds that life reveals

let God guide you
and show the way
to take you to the purpose
to serve with live each dat

let him be your confidante
live With His love first and foremost
and you’ll find heaven on earth

alive in the Miracle of Gods  heart image