Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

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The Master Key

Awaken awaken to the Lords true light
let the fire of the soul shine bright
the whispers of Gods love can be heard
let it lead you with the sacred words

and you search to define
the limitless boundaries that this life provides
to let you live in this space and time
with words that set your soul on fire

what words could find a way to inspire
that path that brings you to that place
where you find true loves embrace
and you are blessed by grace
to see the lords true face

and the mother reaches out her hand
to lead you to discover Gods sacred plan
that will renew your life and set things right
and remind you of that transforming light

to hear the sound of heavens call
and walk the way of inner halls
find the secrets that do hide
there behind the conscious mind

knock on the door where the master dwells
and wait to get the answers
be open to receive the truth
if mystical mystery you already knew

what words could really fill the empty space
that the heart so needs to replace
the illusions that lead you astray
til you remember the loves true way

what words willl Mary speak
what Blessings can she bring
to spark that holy fire
and with breath of Holy spirit to lift you higher

can you hear the call
awaken awaken and be made whole
start your life anew
and let’s gods love be with you

awaken awaken and be set free
the time has come to finally see
you hold the Master key
to open the door to eternity