Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Meditations and poems from CD

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I’d like to offer a couple of meditations for you to read from the book Mystical Mother Mary


Meditation On Love

This meditation not only brings you the delicious feeling of the Golden Light of Love, it can also affect the space you are in and people around you such as on an airplane, at home, at work, or any other place you might be. Sit in a quiet place and go into a peaceful place of silence within. Breathe slowly and deeply in and out. Let each breath relax you and bring you further into yourself. Each breath brings you light from the Highest Light of God. See this light come down through your head. Let it bring you a smile of joy.

Bathe in the joy and love. Breathe in again and feel any tension in your shoulders dissolve.Loosen all tension and feel your body filled with a new energy, a golden energy that flows through your spine and down into your hands. Feel your hands radiate with Golden Light.Breathe in again and see the light come into your heart. Feel the great love waiting for you there. Love yourself and all that you have gone through.Let this love circulate through your lungs, liver and kidneys. See the smile grow throughout your body.Let this feeling move into your stomach. See it release any discomfort and fear that may be held there. See a circle of light spiral through your digestive system and into your lower back. Breathe deeply as it moves to the base of your spine.See the golden light move down through your legs, through your thighs and knees, into your calves and down into your feet. Take a moment to feel great love for your legs and feet and how they have worked to bring you to where you are. Rest in this beautiful golden light and feel the peace it brings to you.

Sitting quietly and breathing easily, bring the Mary’s consciousness into your heart and feel that love coming alive within you. Feel the power of unconditional love. It accepts all of who you are and forgives all of what you might have done when you were in darkness. Feel the deep compassion that love brings to you.

Let this energy expand into every cell of your body. Feel your body being washed with waves of love—a love that heals, renews and restores your heart. This love is so powerful that you cannot contain it.

Send that love out. Let it extend to all your family, your friends, your city, the continent and the world. Let your love circle the world.

Now see it come back to you a million fold! Let that love come into your heart and feel its light filling your whole being. Give thanks to Mother Mary and God and Christ for this great gift of love.

Poems on CD

 Such a Wonder

 such a wonder this life brings

such a sacred song touches our heartstrings

fallen feathers drop in honor here

Yes, the Angels let us know they’re there


beyond the sky where spirit lies

this mystery is redeemed for life

for some understanding of how to be

present here across the shore


such a wonder this life brings

such a sacred song to sing

A butterfly dances in the morning light

Circling round as a haunting reminder


We are dwelling here in time and space

in this splendid dream that we’ve Created

until we find we need so much more

then we knock on our souls door


And who is there to greet our gaze

when we finally see God Face to face

that mask that we wore just falls away

 til naked we do discover infinite love’s embrace


with such a wonder this life brings

such a sacred song to sing

so many gift’s of God’s great blessing

to remind us spirit lives in everything.




The Golden Rose



May the stars in the galaxies shine their light

to form a crown of stars so bright

And may the creators great vision enlight

To spark the flame of love in this life


May we gather the fruits planted that have grown

From grace of the seeds of love in the Mother’s soul

With God s divine grace they were sown

As the prayers spoken now unfold


Receive the golden rose given to you

Let it Blossom forth and with Mary’s blessings renew

The blessings given are so true

To be shared with a bow of gratitude


May the smile of compassion be redeemed

And the ego’s control be finally be released

With a true understanding of what is seen

With the higher purpose that sets us free


And may we be able to believe

In the Miracles at work in life endlessly

May we be Mary’s messengers and share

The beautiful blossoms of Her Love in us here


And may we continue to serve a higher plan

To bring heaven to earth through Spirit in man

With great gratitude for the small part we play

To be a servant of God’s love each day


Mystical Mother Mary


Mystical light of the Mother

Holy Spirit so Divine

touch my inner heart

and join your life with mine


may I be an instrument

of your amazing Grace

may your words speak through me

to share loving embrace


let me Breathe your presence

into my very soul

let me hold the chalice

from which the fountain of heaven flows


anoints us with the nectar of mana

with the smile that truly shows

the love that lives eternally

and through Gods creation unfolds


the blessings of the universe

shine throughout all time

with your compassion that guides

a way to forgive and find a peace divine


Mystical Mother Mary

I offer my service to you

may the blessings you bring

help free those who are suffering


may your loving kindness

bring the darkness to light

to allow the wonder of your miracles

bring forth more love to our lives

 Glimpses of Eternity


oh these glimpses of eternity

these mirrored reflections

we are given to see

Gods creation we are  given to be


with the glory so beautiful to behold

that come in so many ways that are shown

That bring such blessings to the soul

with so many infinite mysteries to know


oh these glimpses of eternity

heard in the song the universe sings

that opens the door to the heart

with the promise of our eternal rebirth


how can we compare the offering

the symbols of these words

just particles of Gods holy life

a shadow of the truth of divine light


and we each have our song to sing

all a part of the one universal symphony

that is played with the music of the spheres

the sounds of love creations we can hear


oh these glimpses of eternity

that The Father and the mother bring

whispers of the mystical unfurled

sounds of the joy that we try to capture here


all just part of the one great whole

pieces of the universe expressed here to know

 singers of the universal soul

with these glimpses of eternity shown


 There is a Song of the Universe


There is a song of the Universe,

There’s a song of Life.

There is a song that the heavens sing,

And each song is born of Light.


Listen close to the stillness

And to the sacred sounds,

Hear the music of the spheres,

Sing the secrets so profound.


Each sound holds a color,

Each song is a rainbow that delights,

And radiates forth with an energy

That merges with the One Sacred Sound

Of Creation’s Light.


Join together with the choir

Of angels who bring great joy,

Let all who sing their song in harmony

As together we create a Universal Song.


Sing from your heart,

Sing from your soul,

Let your music be heard so clear.

Let it bring forth blessings from on high,

Let it heal and inspire the world.


Every person holds the Song of Life,

Every heart begs heaven above,

For the magic that music brings

Is the greatest gift of God’s Great Love.