Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

and I heard Her whispering
with a smile she said,
love God with all your heart and soul
do that by loving others
and all that he created for you to know

for God is present here and now
in the world and in every living thing
in the sky you look at
and all that life brings

God is alive within your heart
your very being is blessed
with this presence that holds spirit
the gift that blesses our every breath
for we are never separate or really apart

God is the love you seek to find
The very essence of true peace of mind
God is the vision that you see
the symphony of sounds that life reveals

let God guide you
and show the way
to take you to the purpose
to serve with live each dat

let him be your confidante
live With His love first and foremost
and you’ll find heaven on earth

alive in the Miracle of Gods  heart image

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