Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Monthly archives for January, 2017

Her abundant grace

Her abundant grace

Mary my mothermay I fearlessly live my life

 with awareness of loving presence 

and sit face to face with your Holy grace
let me breathe the light of your abundance 

that allows me to accept myself 

as a reflection of your limitless space

with your pure strength and faith
I commit myself to follow your guidance 

and your deep devotion to God

and to follow your way of compassion 

and loving understanding the best I may 
for with your robe of mercy 

I am protected and find a way

to do what I need to do 

with loving kindness each day

Simple happiness 

Simple happiness 

there is a spark of magicthat can be ignited in our life

for an eternal fire burns

there deep within our hearts 
we can invite the Spirit’s presence

here into this moment of our very life

and even in the hard times 

we can pray for that magic light
there is a simple happiness 

that can be found deep within 

the smile of understanding 

that reflects God’s universal grin
a little bit of magic can begin 

with a gift of this kiss of spirit 

that invites me to open my heart welcome it 

and breathe that presence of love in 
I identify with that eternal presence 

I embrace the blessings of Gods love

and give thanks for the simple happiness 

that grace of awareness that comes for me to know


I welcome the day 

I welcome the day 

I welcome this day

with an open heart and mind

I breathe in the presence of love divine

for I believe God is Good all the time 
and as I see the good in me

I can see this good in others too

for I realize that I project on others

what it is I need to learn and do
there is such a magic in creation 

and such beauty to be seen

Lord let my eyes be open

to the miracles in life you bring 
so Sweet blessings that come

in such mysterious ways

in random acts of kindness 

when you live with love each day
I welcome this day and listen 

to the song that the universe sings

the music of creation is so glorious 

and it’s vibration is Alive in everything 
thank you God for this day

and the opportunity to be  

present here in paradise 

with the gifts this body mind and spirit brings

The miracle

The miracle

I open my mind to believe in the miracle of miracles 

that power of love alive in me
I embrace my life with confidence 

I ask for the good God is to be

guiding and directing my way

and I release all negativity 
I breath in the prayer of untying 

any binds that have limited me

I know the Holy Mother’s grace

is right there to help protect and set me free
the ego works in the darkness

in the fears within our insecurities 

in ways that yield up falseness 

from the truth that we really need
I let go of the power darkness 

I let go of the ties that bind

I let go of any negativity 

that the ego controls in my mind
I call upon the angels

and the guardians that standby

I call upon the forces of Good

and God’s Will to get by
and I believe with my heart and soul

That I will not be controlled Ego

with the Father and Mothers guidance 

I can find loves path to follow

The Heart of Gods love

The Heart of Gods love

may I be in tune with my souland feel my heart becoming healed and whole

awakening as i awaken to find 

 to the shining light that i am inside
may I be in tune with the soul of the world 

and the infinite light of God that resides 

in the harmony with Creations manifestation 

vibrating throughout the sounds of life 

where all the worlds energy collides 
the energy that is feeding all life

ebbs and flows with each breath 

it is a nightlight that shines through the darkness 

it is the sun that gives us our daily bread
In the silence my heart is listening

as I merge with the light of God’s love

I feel it throughout my very being

 the I am that I am of the world I know
I hold the feather given

by the grace of the Holy Dove

I free the ties that bind me

as I open my heart to love
may I be in tune with all Creation 

may I be aligned with Gods goodness and grow

into a mirror that reflects 

of the one universal soul