Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Monthly archives for December, 2016

Live love

Live love

If you could speak with the breath of spirit

And let your soul be heard,

Would it be a true resonance of the light

The essence of the Divine Presence here in life? The word of God is sacred

And we share it in this energy where we live, 

It is alive the song the birds design

It is in the heart of the cry of Love Divine. 

It is in the chorus of the music

The hallelujah sung at the break of Easter morn,

 It is in the ringing of the bells you hear

That summon you to prayer. 

Yes you can hear the word of God 

In the scriptures verse you read, 

The word of God is a frequency 

That carries a Divine Energy. 

And what is the word of God?

And how do you capture it and define 

The power of creation

That holds such secrets for us to find? 

Right in this very moment you can hear 

If you listen in silence with care,

You might just find

The word of God is Love Divine. 



dear Father Mother GodI call upon the strength of hope

and the power of your pure energy 

to have the faith to be able to do 

what I am supposed to do 

and to serve with faith given to me
I ask for my mind to be open to believe 

that I am worthy and can receive 

the spirit of your sacred insight 

and with the masters guidance 

may I be able to see

the path to take and a way to make 

 my life’s purpose reached as my destiny 
and may the dark forces fade away

to reveal the light of a brand new day

and with coming of the dawn

may Hope lead us ever on 
thank you lord for standing by

and for understanding my souls need

to inspire my heart and be strong

to follow on the path of light 

and with your will to always carry on 



Be open to the blessings

Be open to the blessings

right here and nowI am open to the blessings God does bring

I remove any blocks the ego may present

and focus on the grace 

the creator’s love embraces
I accept the truth 

that there is a living light

there is an unconditional love

and this presence that is one with our soul

that understands our purpose in life
I accept the blessings Lord 

that you and the mother bring

the soft whispers of hope

that all of creation sings
I breathe in the blessings 

I open up my heart

to receive the precious gifts of spirit 

that the Master forever imparts
great are the blessings 

of the disciples way 

be open to receive them 

and be grateful for a chance 

to share them each and every day 



understanding how all this life is divinely divided

all this anger and hatred we see

must be immersed in forgiveness 

for us to find peace
Christ was born here on earth

hope is born from the depths of despair  

a flame in us is lit to share

as understanding comes

from our hard lessons here
and from our hidden pleas

we open our hearts to receive 

the answers to our prayer

had always been waiting here
the greatest gift God gave

is the living light 

that still remains

the spark of the eternal flame
burns in the darkness 

and from the seat of our soul

and we understand 

the purpose for which we came 
we can light that flame

we can bring more understanding 

to the way we play this game

and we can be inspired each day
to have more compassion 

for those lost on the way

and bring a little more love and kindness 

to others we meet on the way
and then the light of Christmas 

can shine so bright 

with the blessings of understanding 

leading us from darkness to light

Bring on the light

Bring on the light

  it is time to light the Yule logand ring the bells of dawn

to bring forth the eternal light 

for there has been this darkness 

for what seems way too long
and the heart yearns for love

 to hel make wrong things right 

so bring on the light my fellow travelers 

and embrace a higher sight
there are those who have held the torch so long

and many pilgrims have now passed on

and now there is a new generation 

that is waiting to carry on
bring on the light my Lord and teacher

bring us a way to see

there needs to be a vision held

that can set the chained lives free
bring on the light

let the time for joy be

to lead us out of this darkness 

and find a way to be complete 
if we all could light a Candle 

if we all could take the time

we could spread great light across this planet

and help to bring more truth to all mankind
so on this winter solstice 

on the longest night of the year

lead us out of darkness lord

and bring us a brighter new year
bring on the light

bring on the light

embrace the fire of Spirit

and the hope for love to save us here