Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

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The greatest Gift

The greatest Gift

untangling knots of thoughtsthese heavenly boxes wrapped up tight

with the souls ribbons and bows

to find that package inside holding

the priceless gold that you have hidden 

and secretly worshiped in silence 

waiting to be discovered so you can know
the gift you want 

is the smile of smiles 

that sees the hope we hold

to be recognized for who we are
to find that great awakening 

a heartfelt love that is there to see

beyond the beyond this love receives

the gift of gifts that God reveals">

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Make a wish for the World

Make a wish for the World

Make a Wish For The World Make a wish for the World

As we all join together and pray For the way to help humankind 

Make a wish and remember we’re all here to Join In some way that we help to redeem the plan.

Each soul has a purpose

That resonates to why we are here 

And how we all do what we can. 

If you believe and you see

The way you can help

Your wishes will blossom

Like the garden in heaven

Each flower a gift to hold in your hands. 

Make a wish for the world 

And believe for a moment

We can make a difference

As we each join in spirit as one 

Make a wish for the world

And when your time here is over

You might realize the seeds that you planted Are blessings you left here 

And they may Inspire others who come a make a wish for a. Enter world 

and with God’s help

your wish may come true one day

Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos, Msc.D. 

The Word of Gid

The Word of Gid

If you could speak with the breath of spirit
And let your soul be heard,
Would it be a true resonance of the light

The essence of the Divine Presence here in life? 

The word of God is sacred

And we share it in this energy where we live

It is alive the song the birds design

​It is in the heart of the cry of Love Divine. 

It is in the chorus of the music

The hallelujah sung at the break of Easter morn,

It is in the ringing of the bells you hear

That summon you to prayer. 

Yes you can hear the word of God 

In the scriptures verse you read, 

The word of God is a frequency 

That carries a Divine Energy. 

And what is the word of God?

And how do you capture it and define 

The power of creation

That holds such secrets for us to find? 

Right in this very moment you can hear 

If you listen in silence with care,

You might just find

​The word of God is Love Divine.