Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Monthly archives for October, 2016

A bridge to Heaven 

A bridge to Heaven 

build the bridge from heaven to Earth with the tools that God provides 

that are made of the Holy energy 

from the source where the soul resides 

build your inner connection

as you build your body and your mind

so you can have a deep personal perception 

of the place where spirit lies inside 

for though we’re human and made of form

we have an eternal energy deep within 

when we learn to connect wth it 

the miracle of Gods creation will kick in

build a resource of God’s tools
with the love and light he brings

learn to celebrate this holy energy 

and live with His sacred blessings 

father mother God 

teach us as your children please

and help us to live wisely

and with your patience and guidance 

we’ll build a bridge to be with thee 

Heavenly blessings 

Heavenly blessings 

these heavenly words you whisper these pearls from creations grace

this music from Gods garden

that speaks to our souls innermost place

this glory Hallelujah  
that underlines just how

to open up our heart

and restores our self to be here now

these gifts that you so freely offer

from pure source of pure energy 

that connects us back to heaven

and sets our spirit free

thank you precious one of God 

for the blessings that you bring 

this fountain of heavenly beauty 

from the sacred heart of love within 

God’s Guidance 

God’s Guidance 

Heavenly Father and holy motherwhat words would you share with me

what guidance would you give 

to make my perceptions more aware

to make my life more complete 

what’s beyond the struggles we face

what’s the best way for me to pray

what wisdom would you reveal to met 

that inner truth you bring my way 

there’s a light beyond the darkness 

there a love that we all need

there’s a purpose and a promise 

of true peace and harmony 

there’s a vision that’s been hidden 
blurred by space and time 

there’s the hope that springs eternal 

that is waiting for you to find

the other half of who you are

the part of your heart that you so crave

is speaking in whispers of the silence 

listen close for the clues that come your way 

the secrets and the magic 

are not uncommon on the other side

when the whole picture is revealed 

there comes an understanding that’s divine 

in any given moment 

in any given time

there is a chance to experience infinity 

and the power of God’s universal mind

and all the threads of this lives tapestry 

are woven moment by moment by our soul

to create this art that’s a reflection 

for a greater vision we can know

father mother god
creator of all light

grace us with love we need

to fulfill our true purpose in our life 

God my Heavenly Father

God my Heavenly Father

remove any blocks I may have placed
so I can be with you in the holy light
of your saving grace

let the blessings of heavenly glory
flow freely to this earth
so your love can be alive
and bring us to that eternal birth

may the Queen of Angels
bring her presence forth
so the power of Gods mystic rose
may bring the fragrance of heaven to earth

may the wind whisper the soul true name
to call the sacred heart home
to blossom with the Holy Spirits energy
to help to finish what needs to be done

mystical rose of heaven
I give my love to thee
let the Garden that you grow in
bring visions beauty to inspire me

let the mercy that you offer
free the ancient lies
so the world can know your sacred presence
and recognize that your miracles are still alive

what once were burdens
what once were cares
are now our offerings
part of our service while we’re here

for it is time that unconditional love is restored
it is time for us to be free
to become your beloved Mystic Rose
that you share for us to be

Mary Queen of Angels 

Mary Queen of Angels 

Mary Queen of Angels holy is your name

bless us with your miracles 

heal those who seek your aid

you are so far beyond the limitations 

that this earth does make

for your love is limitless

in the realms of Gods domain

holy, oh so holy

is the mercy that you bring

yet so many here on earth

do not yet have the faith to believe

if they could just see the miracles 

if they could open up their eyes

to see the power and glory

that in you is alive

Mary Queen of Angels

smile that smile so sweet

let the blessings that you offer

come and bring relief

to those who souls are searching
please let them find the way

for those whose hearts are broken

bring healing love their way

let the true power you hold
bring the world to see

the light that you shine forth

is blessed by spirit of the lord

bless us holy mother

let your miracles bring about

the changes that are needed

to achieve the blessings of gods love