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Amazing  Grace

Amazing  Grace

Amazing Grace of God pour your Holy Water Down

to help the human race

and bring us your understanding so profound 
help those who’ve lost their way

finally see the light

let your precious energy

spark hope into our lives
amazing grace of precious love

help us to be free

of all the frustration and angry

that lives in the gap between heaven and humanity 
amazing Grace of Heaven

let your compassion bring

the healing of our hearts

to inspire our lives again
there is a way to bring

the chance for us to be

the alive with the eternal Hope

to release the past and be freed

to finally fulfill our destiny

and find the strength to see

we are the living light

we are the truth revealed 
amazing Grace we thank you

for showing us the love we crave

you brings us the power to survive 

and with your blessing be saved

Peace be with you

Peace be with you

peace be with you always be at peace inside 

and do not let the conflicts of the ego take you

 away from a peaceful state of mind 
for there is a place of peace within you

there is an understanding you can find

that removes the separation

that us and them that defines mankind
the i am in you

is the I am in me

we are all part of a world family

with a purpose here you see
the peace you find inside 

will bring more balance in good time

to maintain a peaceful state of mind 

and overcome the conflict we find 
peace be with you always 

be at peace my friend

breathe in peace right now

and let that peace within you begin again
we can overcome the hatred

how we can begin to find more love

to heal the pain and sorrow 

to bring forth the blessings of the Holy Dove


You are a Child of Gods Love

You are a Child of Gods Love

what completion are you seekingwhat more can you become 

what are you now reaching 

in the space awakening 

to live with Gods light and love
what illusions are you faking

what lies can be undone 

to see the power unlimited is given 

to find the grace of the Holy Ones
can you believe you are worthy 

to become whole and complete 

to accept who you wish to be 

is possible if you just believe 
there is no need to delay

there is no need to complain 

you have the power waiting there within

to Claim the way you wish to live
you are a child of the Light

you have the love you need

to free the limitations

and let yourself be healed 
so breathe in deep in this moment

breathe in the Spirit that you seek

embrace the possibilities 

and tap into Gods infinite energy
realize how you can be happy

in just being who you really are 

for you are a Reflection of the universe

born of the energy that created the stars 
remove all limitations 

and what mightever hold you down 

 you have inside whatever you might seek 

 for you are already whole and complete

Communicating with Mary

Communicating with Mary

Excerpt from Mystical Mother Mary:

I love the word “Communicate”. It’s wonderful to commune with others by talking and listening. When we communicate with Spirit there is a true communing that happens. There is an exchange of energy and we can truly be transformed by these holy communications.
As I reflect on the gifts given to me by Mary that can benefit others, I feel that the blessing of being able to communicate and talk to Mary and receive her messages could be the greatest gift.
It is very simple, but it takes Faith and commitment to make it possible.
To communicate with the Presence of Mary, I have a simple and time-tried process that I practice and you can as well.
First go to a quiet place to meditate.
Light a candle. Do some deep clearing breaths. Breathe in the Light of God, and release any thoughts or concerns. Breath in Peace, breath out tension. Breath in Love and let go of any fear.
Once you open up a method to connect with Mother Mary you will find it gets much easier reaching her the more time goes by. In time you will feel as if she were always right there by your side.
It can be helpful to say a few prayers, and set your intention, and then to be open to spirit. I have included prayers that you can use if you choose to. One is the Aramaic version of the Lords Prayer and one is a prayer I wrote
at the end of my Marian Retreat.
I have a more detailed way to meditate in this chapter.
Perhaps my favorite part of the 33 Day Marian Retreat was the part
where one writes their own consecration to Mary and reads it every day. I began with the first paragraph given from the prayers to Mary and then wrote the following words to align with her Spirit.
“Mary, my Mother, I give myself totally to you as your possession and property.
Please make of me, of all that I am and have, whatever most pleases you. Let me be a fit instrument in your immaculate and merciful hands for bringing
The greatest possible glory to God”

The Smile that gets you through 

The Smile that gets you through 

in between the dark and lightin between the rhythm of the waves 

in that space between the breath

there is a place that Sprit is known 
that emptiness of nothing

holds a key for you to find

between the hopes and reality

is a mystical state of mind
the doorway into a higher life

the promise of your soul

slips into the cracks of light 

reflected forth from the soul
hold the precious memory

of the Mothers blessed smile

carry the symbol of awakening

and your true name that never dies
venture forth and live the life

that in time will lead you home

til you cross the sacred river 

To the other side
in between the dark and light

before the rising sun

find the sacred path of light

that will lead you home