Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Monthly archives for August, 2016

This Eternal Spirit

This Eternal Spirit

call upon me and the trust
with your heart and soul
beyond time and space
I am here in the presence you know

more than the wondering
more than the imagining
more than the meanderings
that distract the mind

I promise am with you
and if you listen you find
that inner voice that speaks to you
that seed of hope that’s planted
in the heart of human kind

light a candle and say a prayer
honor the light divine
and leave a little opening
to receive the guidance I bring your way

and even when you see me not
look up to the sky
watch the colors of heaven
that dance in the reflection
of spirit that never dies

we change forms
as we change clothes
we continue on the path
with no beginning and no end
just this spirit that passes
in to the eternal truth of the infinte creation
the great I Am that I Am

May your Blessings abound
with the breath of Spirit
guiding to the place of peace
may you be aware of the presence
that bring forth what you seek

may your blessings abound
with the gift of a heart that’s alive
with the love of the creator
and may it sanctify your life

may your blessings be given
to those who’re in need
may their lives be awakened
to their true purpose and destiny

may you be all right
with your way of life
may your heart be true
to the presence of love inside of you

may you always give thanks
for the blessings that arrive
and may you share the gifts you get
with those who’ve not received their blessings yet

may your cup floweth over
with joy and peace
and may your prayers be answered
and may you find what you need




lord there are so many prayers
and so many who cry out to be heard
so much energy that you can reveal
so many that need to be healed

and I know that each and every soul
has there own path to follow
each life so precious to live
so much each has to give

lord I turn my prayers over to you
and trust that the miracles you bring
will come to those who call out
and these prayers can come true

and that we have the strength to accept
and all that stuff we cannot deal with
and we ask for the legions of angels above
to bring forth the Father and Mother Marys loveI thank you for the grace you bring
I thank you Lord for all the blessings
and I trust that the Good will be seenĀ and your higher plan be revealed image

A Prayer

A Prayer

Mary Holy Mother
I offer up my prayers
and hope you can bring more comfort
to those who are lost in despair

from the highest realms of the universe
you shine forth through space and time
let this spinning planet find
the love and kindness we so need for humankind

and the world keeps turning
and all the candles are lit
and the light of all the prayers
brings us hope for a new way to live

I ask for your grace and blessings
to come to all in need
Mary Holy Mother
grant this world compassion and peace

from the womb of Stars in heaven
across the galaxy
there is that power of the Master
and it leads us to inner peace

let the birth of Christ
help us to see he lives
within our heart He’s present
and he is born in us again

Mary holy mother
may I see your smile
allow me to have my heart open
to be your humble scribe

with your divine grace and mercy
I seek to reflect your presence and be
aligned in with Heavenly energy
so may I be worthy to offer my devotion to thee

let all the prayers find their way
to the mercy that lives and gives
us a way to celebrate the miracle of Gods creation
at work here in us each day

How far does this light reach

How far does this light reach

imagehow far does this light reach
this precious light of the presence
that is alive in the love God is

how deep does this love reach
to touch the depths of the heart
to reach the star above that guides me
to call in the spirit that inspires such mysteries

how can I absorb all this love and light
and let it be alive in my life
as a living force
for me to use to make wrong right

how can I absorb the essence of the presence
and become the way you show
God, I ask for you to be with me
so I may be and instrument of your peace
and I may follow the directions of my soul

for this light is my very breath
this love is my very heart
this path is the path I choose
this is the purpose of which I’m a small part

I thank you for the presence
and the spirit that is alive
I offer you my love and light
as a humble servant of your Divinity