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mystic Light of God

mystic Light of God

mystic light of God
the I am that I am that is alive
let me see the beauty of this creation
here within my mind

let me be the vision
let me be the way
let me be the manifestation
of your love here everyday

let me be one with The presence
let me be one with the light
let me be the vehicle
to bring this gift to life

beloved Father and divine Mother
guide my path to find
the way to serve your teachings
and the Christ divine

mystic light of God
shine forth your holy power
clear away all blocks and ego
and let your love be here nowenlight1-4

Mystical Whisperings

Mystical Whisperings

mystical whisperings of spirit
that speaks to my heart and soul
let your sacred offerings
illuminate what I need to know

I feel this presence always waiting
to be with me and guide me on
this blessed communication that comes
and is so very hard to define

yet it is here inside me
it’s the flame that lights my way
it’s the voice of God
that listens when we pray

and this Holy Spirit
holds the truth
from which we can not hide
it knows the answers we all seek

so I stop and try to listen
I knock on that sacred door
and the blessings that are given
are so abundant here to share

and I try to write down
what I sense from Gods presence
yet there is always so much more



connect to the most sacred point
of that pure light within your soul
that place you meet your creator
and allow spirit to be in control

in that point of light
of that sacred space
you can open up the door
to the true power and glory of Gods grace

you can merge with the holy of holies
and find the sacred tools
to bring about the changes
in yourself to be in you

and become an instrument of Gods teachings
a true disciple of his love
a servant on the path
and share the miracles that unfold

may the light of spirit
shine so bright on you
that the glow of the blessings
bring forth the love to see you through

carry on beloved
don’t let the world get you down
there is such need for the soul
to continue to guide you on

allow your life to be an offering
of the Holy Mothers love
thank God and the Holy son
for the amazing Grace they’ve shownimage



being , just being
present here in this breath
accepting, releasing
just being with no regrets

no trying, no lying
with nothing to hide behind
nothing to do but accept
This being alive

this being in spirit
and being in form
and with the receiving of love
now being transformed

a cloud that passes
that the wind tosses through the sky
seeing the grace of a bird
those messengers that fly by

enjoying the miracle
of a blade of grass
And the sunlight that shines on everything
thanking God for the blessings
that being human brings

Not being you but still with you
just here and free
To be right now in this very moment
Smiling and accepting the Oneness of beingimage

breathe in the breath of Spirit

breathe in the breath of Spirit

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breathe in the breath of the Holy Spirit
breae in g the breath of ligh
t open your hea to find
rt the lovthat is waiting e deep insid

let t the presence be with yo
u let the words ring tru
come too the sacred silence
ugh the withgrace of the soul divine

be with your inner self
be with the higher universal mind
be in the space of spirit
and become that peace you find

let nothing disturb you
let nothing distract you
let nothing worry your mind
or stop you from connecting to this space inside

breathe in the breath of spirit
breathe deep the light of lights
bathe in the grace of kindness
and become one with all mankind

there is a deeper knowing
that comes from this great unknown
that always draws us further
to the place where secrets unfold

breathe in peace
breathe in love
breathe in the truth
that is here right now

realize in this very moment
you are complete
and you are aware
you Hold the key to open the door

to that place inside
you can chose to be centered
you can discover the power of God
at that sacred place divine

for Gods great blessings are always present
the are here with you right now
give thanks for these gifts that are given
give thanks to the Mother and Father divine
and give thanks for this precious life
and the Christ’s ever present guiding light