Mother Mary's Message of Love - Rev. Cindy Paulos

Monthly archives for June, 2016

When it’s just me and you God

¬†When it’s just me and you God

when it’s just me and you God
alone in the silence before dawn
and my I need to clear away the debris
of all this thoughts that seem to cling on

for a sacred moment
I hold my breath and pray
and wish upon the morning star
to be with you right where you are

am I empty enough to have a space
and to take the time each day
to hear the sound of your voice whisper
and speak in words I can’t define it say

and this poor translation
I offer up is just trying to catch
the inner meaning that flickers
in the candlelight as your love shimmers
to draw me once again to that place inside to feel your spirit that’s alive for
it flickers in my soul
and guides the way to the unknown

and I always pray
to honor the gifts you bring my way
with whatever energy I have lef today I’ll give credit to you for d there is no rests there’s always more to do
til I can merge again with you
for I I know you’re always the
and everyday I am guided
to praise you with what I share

so Mother Mary, Father God and holy spirit divine
I give my heartfelt thanks to you
and offer whatever I can
to follow your purpose and plan
and pray to see Your good
that lives in all humankind


Prayer for Peace

Prayer for peace


a prayer for the world

every time there is an act of violence and there seems to be so many these days
I pray the world finds more love
and understanding to guide our way

may we always remember
there is so much more good in the world
than those who would do us harm
and spread hatred if they could

it is love that we are living for
it is kindness that we need to share
and this is our power
that overcomes the dark forces work here

may the sacred blessings
from your heaven above
bring forth the strength we need
to live each day with love

let us not be brought down
by the negative energy we see
let us work together
to live with greater peace

lord help us to find a way
to be stronger every day
to live with your divine light
so love can rule our lives

The Glory of Your Love

The Glory of Your Love

Holy Mother who delivered our lord
lead us to discover the path
to the Glory that is
alive in your heart evermore

Holy Spirit that feeds each breath
find the wings of the dove
to fly down from heaven
and enlighten our hearts with your love

we honor the holy ones so divine
who guide us through darkness
and bring us grace so we may find
a way past our blindness to see
the star that shines its light on me
that guides us to you eventually

so we can find that path
that takes us home at last
and we can be blessed
in our sacred quest

to find the Holy Spirit
that breathes our every breath
until we return to be face to face
to the creators eternal embrace

to be blessed to hear
the heartbeat of true love
that brings us the mercy
of the beloved one above

we bow our heads in gratitude
we give our heartfelt thanks to you
we offer up our praise
that delivers us to your saving grace

Prayer for Transformation

Prayer for Transformation


mother Mary I do pray
to let your path guide my Way
may I be a disciple and be attuned
with your holy light and be renewed

mother Mary I do pray
that may find the tools
to live with kindness
and let understanding rule

may I overcome all strife
and let the struggles go
and realize with love
spirit comes into the soul

I thank you for all these gifts
and the blessings that you bring
with gratitude fir your healing way
that transform my life with love each day

The Glory of your Destiny

The glory of your destiny


what is the highest truth
that your soul can hold
what is the secret calling
that is now to unfold

light of lights shine through me
heavens glory now appear
let the majesty of your creation
smile forth in lessons that you hear

life it is such a sacred dance
there is such a blessed song
it is truly up to us
to enjoy this life and sing along

love of life embrace me
open my heart to feel
let the mysteries of the universe
bring forth the vision to see

this moment is a miracle
this breath is ours to take
the way is there to choose
the oath is ours to make

light of love shine through us
let your voice be heard
let the healing come
to a broken world

bring the Highest truth be
the path to guide our way
let the flag we carry show
the true colors of our soul

we bow before your beauty God
we give our thanks and praise
the miracle of just being alive
holds the glory of the creation you made