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From Ego Mind to God Consciousness

From Ego Mind to God Consciousness

From Ego Mind to God Consciousness


Welcome to Mystical Perspectives. This is a series of Conversations Bringing a light to  a Mystical Perspective on Life. I’m your Host Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years. The University of Metaphysics is a Non-profit private, theological school operating under the auspices of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM).

  1. MASTERS, was the Founder of the University of Metaphysics for over 50 years. Founder of the International Metaphysical Ministry University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona .

Today I’ll be talking about the Metaphysical perspective of the EGO. We will delve into Dr. Masters SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK .TODAY SHOW WILL DISCUSS

From Ego Mind to God Consciousness



Egomay refer to several related concepts:

structural model of the psyche a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.

Egotism, the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself


When we are born we learn how to get what we need. We cry when we are hungry, we smile when we want to be loved, we become very good at getting what we have to have to survive.

Ego is nothing more than a tool – created at a very early age to help you relate and identify in your human body – conditioned by all around you to behave the way it now does. And when you really grasp within your heart that it is not “real”, it will rebel. That is a wonderful thing to move through, because it gives you opportunity after opportunity to re-align your thoughts to those of your truth, and to put ego in it’s place – which is nowhere… 

Then as we grow we begin to fine tune ways to fulfill our needs. This can be based on how our circumstances in life are. Do we have a large family and so need to compete for attention.  Do we have enough love to keep that inner child from rebelling.

Do we have seed that are planted in our subconscious mind that will give us self confidence or make us feel fearful.

As we grow we find that much of the world is based on how many likes you get on facebook. We see how to manipulate that to be move loved.

Our ego loves to be liked. But there is always this higher level of God’ Consciousness where you realize that in reality you are not the separate self but one with the whole.

The ego’s role is to not control you, but to be used to understand the bridge between who your personality is and who your truly are.

  1. Signs that your EGO is acting out
  2. You Get Defensive
  3. You feel a need to react
  4. You get obsessed with what someone may have said to you
  5. You tell everyone including facebook friends how you were done wrong.
  6. Too much is never enough 
  7. Disliking when people succeed
  8. You refuse to apologize 
  9. Redirecting the attention back to you 
  10. Constantly comparing yourself 
  • Craving respect and recognition
  • Setting unattainable goals.
  • You think you have all the answers
  • You don’t take others advice
  • You don’t realize that you may the problem not others.
  • Always basing what you do on what’s in it for you.

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The Presence, from Dr, Masters Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations

The Presence, from Dr, Masters Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations

The Presence, from Dr, Masters Spiritual Mind Power AffirmationsToday I’ll be talking for the third part of this broadcast about the. We will delve into Dr. Master.. SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, DR. MASTERS LATEST BOOK .



Prayer for the Holy Presence


So all-encompassing is this breath of life,

So welcoming this Heart of God,

So enlightened is this Spirit

That embraces me with love.


Is it even possible

To behold all that comes to me

With the many blessings

That this precious Presence brings?


Awaken, awaken, dreamers

To the expansion of your mind

Open up your heart and soul

And see what’s waiting deep inside.


Welcome the Holy Presence and the Light

And the miracles that do come

From Father/Mother God

And the blessed Divine Son.


Let your prayers sing praises

That the angels hear,

Let their wings enfold you

As they watch over you here. .


Let your words bring forth

The light of God’s true love

So you can share the Truth of Truths

The healing power of light and love.


SO WHAT IS the Presence


Can you feel the Presence.

Ah, if you stop an go into meditation yes.. Invisible but full of energy. the Holy Spirit is the Presence of God himself.

The presence of God is a central goal in God’s redemptive mission. All of God’s work ends with the Lord dwelling within us. The presence of God is, not only an objective, it is also the means by which the redemptive mission is fulfilled.

David proclaims, “in your presence there is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Ps 16:11). When we push all our peripheral issues to the periphery, this is all that is left and all that really matters.



Describing the presence of the Spirit is hard to do right. So, it’s usually best to stick with what matters most: what the Spirit is doing with us here in this time and place. Christ is the Spirit’s message, , and in any case, the Spirit’s primary job is to bring us to the Presence.


and how does it compare with the Holy Spirit


The difference between the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s omnipresence is that God’s omnipresence is always there, despite the fact that we cannot always feel it. In other words, God’s presence is everywhere, at all times, and with all of us, believer and unbeliever alike. Likewise, His Holy Spirit indwells …

The Holy Spirit is that part of God’s Spirit that manifests His presence and care in conveying to men’s souls His Divine Love. This Love is the highest and greatest and most holy of His possessions, and can be conveyed to men only by the Holy Spirit;

The Holy Spirit is present with us and within us, in ways beyond description.


SO the presence of God is within. It is in every living being.

But most are not aware of it.

When you see a beautiful Sunrise or Sunset you will feel the miracle of God’s presence.

When you see the candles burning in a church you see the presence there.


When you meditate you must be still and make a space for that presence to come.

 Meditation On Awakening to the Presence

 Go within and breathe deeply. Make a space for the presence to be with you. Find the center of the light of the presence. ASK THAT PRESENCE TO BE WITH YOU , BREATHE IN THAT PRESENCE.

Welcome the Holy Presence and the miracles that come, From Mother/Father God and blessed Divine Son.


BECOME aware of each breath of light a conscious filled being a soul brought to life.  BE AWARE THAT YOU CAN JUST BE WITH THIS PRESENCE.  IN EACH HEARTBEAT THERE IS THIS ETERNAL PRESENCE.



Feel the love healing the deepest places of your heart.

Feel you soul awakening to the light of the Presence. The soul knows the presence an is eternally in tune with the presence.

Ask for the presence to be with you always.

Breath this spirit of the presence in. Merge with it.

Connect with the source of the presence.

Know that you are the blossoms of the petals of the presence

Come out of meditation slowly.






See yourself holding forth an empty chalice

That reflects a holy light

You hold that Chalice up to GOD and Ask for that sacred presence

To illuminate Your life


See the brilliant light of God pouring into the Chalice

And now that Chalice pours forth the love and light into your soul

Filling it with the Christ’s presence here

Be receptive and allow that light an love to transform you.

Is it so hard to just be


That pure light is the way, the truth and life

An it overcomes the darkness so really allow Christ’s love to be

Present in the presence of your heart and mind

With the pure power from the Source We let God guide us everyday


And we hold the Holy Chalice

And we drink the nectar of that wine

And become the love of God

The fruit of heavens vine


how do you feel the presence

can you visualize what the unseen Spirit is

can you seduce it into your life

or is it blocked  y these questions in the mind


can you hold the sacred chalice

high up to Heavens shore

to find  the fountain that brings eternal light

can you be baptized in its holy waters

and be restored to  eternal life


there is this magic of Spirit

that invisible presence of the Master here

and when you feel it with you

you know you are not alone

when its blessings appear


for it whispers in the wind

and it dances in the clouds

it can’t be seen in mirrors

but in the beauty of natures shroud


I greet the presence and welcome

the mysteries of its familiarity

not sure of how to embrace it

or if it can feel me


is it the muse of all the muses

is it the prayer unheard

that can set you free


all I know is the love it infuses

with that spark that lights the soul

that leads me to see the  shadow of God

with a Holy breath that sets me free  






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